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Some red leaves – unfinished renku – led by J. Stevenson (2005/2007)

7 mars 2010


Some Red Leaves

Kasen Renku
(Started on September 22, 2005 – Completed … )


some red leaves
and a few grey hairs— John Stevenson
weekend guests

moonlight through
the empty merry-go-round Ion Codrescu

I wear a dress
that smells of camphor Fusako Matano
this chilly morning

the old library
waxed and squeaky Daniel Py

a worm wriggling
this way Gabriel Rosenstock
and that

dark computer
during his midday nap Dominique Chipot

First Back

the sentry recognizes
a drunken soldier John
as a friend

old love song
by a new artist Ion

I polished my father’s shoes
he chose Fusako
another pair

this bike’s tyres
need air Daniel

evenly dispersed . . .
sesame seeds Gabriel
on the bread’s crust

high tide,
pebbles banging together Dominique

is that the moon
or a snowball John
about to hit me?

this morning no cat
by the fireplace Ion

completed project
the collaborators Fusako
can laugh again

we liked it so much
we want to go back! Daniel

blossoms . . . blossoms . . .
half of them Gabriel
in the mind

in the evening the bee
still charged with pollen Dominique

Second Front

first fine days
everywhere in the city Dominique
Public Works

Saddam’s face on tv
weary Gabriel

the sound of footsteps
reverberating Daniel
down the corridor

lost luggage
in a vast airport Fusako

the calligrapher
asks us to think of Ion
the waterfall

the thunderhead
roils, boils, and rises John

to remove from shoes
the dust of the town Dominique
with a cloth

invitation to a dull occasion—
but she’ll be there! Gabriel